Corporate Risk Management Services


Current Policy & Risk Review

A very important issue is to review coverages in your current policies. We read your policy from beginning to end. In this review for a coastal located large ship repair company we discovered that their property policy excluded windstorm. Something that was intended by all to be covered but the agent missed. A hurricane could have caused financial disaster for them. After the policy review we do our own review of your risks, financial ability to increase deductibles, proper limits for coverage, the possibility of self-insurance in some areas, etc.


Insurance Agent & Policy Renewal Management

We will be the only ones who’ll need to deal with whoever the agent is that we chose to handle your insurance coverages. We deal with agents all over the country and will market our Request for Proposal to those who we feel are best suited to provide the lowest premiums for your industry. We know from prior dealings that the professionalism of these companies is excellent. We deal with all policy change requests and review those when received for accuracy. We eliminate the “dog and pony show” grind of having to meet with several agents who’ve provided proposals. You’ll have one meeting with us and go over a spreadsheet showing all options available.


Claims Management

We will handle all claims that occur from start to finish. Your staff will only need to fill out one of the simple, brief report forms you’ll find on our website. Claims need close scrutiny throughout the handling process. Recently, we discovered, for a client who’s a boat manufacturer that our agent was trying to report a claim under a particular policy that had a deductible. The correct policy for it to be reported under had no deductible. Companies tend to place high reserves (what they expect to pay out) for claims, as they don’t have to pay taxes on reserves. These high reserves sitting out there can cause rate increases at renewal time. We closely watch this process.


Corporate Risk ManagementFees for Services

Our fee will be determined after review of your particular industry needs, policy types, and service and claims issues. However, don’t plan for this to be an added expense, as we’ve never failed to return our fees by reducing premiums. When we show up agents get competitive.

We hope you’ll allow us to remove this headache so that you can concentrate your time on being more profitable.