Private Equity & Venture Capital Groups Program


Current Individual Programs and Our Marketing

As to our data gathering, we will only ask your individual companies to compile the same data that they do annually for insurance program marketing. This makes this process completely non-disruptive and seamless. We utilize only nationally and internationally renowned insurance brokerage houses that will compete for the honor of being appointed the agent for this program. We know their service to be excellent from dealings on a regular basis. We pick only those who have an in depth knowledge of each of your company’s risks and coverage needs. Prior to this marketing Conlon Company does a complete review of all of the exposures to risk, limits or liability, deductibles, etc. to determine if they’re currently proper for that company.


Cost Accounting to Your Holdings

There’s no mixing of risk or premiums among your holdings. Conlon Company will bill each their individual premiums as determined by the rates, premiums, and fees they alone develop. This process makes billing one which is exactly what they’re used to and therefore transparent. As your holdings are sold they’re taken out of the program and the acquisitions added.


Program Administration

Conlon Company is a full service Risk Management Company. We’ll oversee the management of every claim to make sure it’s handled competently, quickly, and with the lowest payout there can be. We’re very proactive and aggressive in claims handling from dealing with litigious lawyers to insurance company adjusters. This process assures the reduction of the losses to premiums ratio for your holdings. We’ll hold meetings with Safety Directors and Loss control Inspectors.


Due Diligence Consulting

We provide a free service of full analysis of the insurance and risk issues of potential investments to include: risks of loss in each area of the business; the financial strength to possibly take more risk in house and thereby save premiums, the need for additional coverages or limits or the reduction of same; current premium costs vs. what we will be charged in your program.


Program Fees

Cut ExpensesThe Broker we pick will be taking a fee rather than an insurance company paid commission as most current agents are doing. This reduction in insurance company representation cost will pay our fee plus $1,500 for each company thus this will be the only expense increase for each company.


We believe you’ll find this to be one of your more profitable investments. We hope you’ll give us the honor of providing this for you.