Restaurant Risk Management Program


Marketing for your Savings

When your company joins our program, we change your policy annually renewed renewal date to a common one for all of the groups. That date will be June 20th. With this grouping of every participant renewing their policies on the same date, the offering to the insurance marketplace is exponentially what yours would be alone. Simply put this is a co-op marketing concept for lowering insurance premiums. There is no co-mingling with coverages, deductibles, policies, etc. with any other member whose policies are marketed along with you. We market this out to Insurance Brokers and Agents with whom we deal nationwide. In addition, your current agent will be welcomed to join in the bidding process. This marketing concept brings a very nice reduction. Our currently closed grouping, RRMP I, saved all participants an average of 18.5% each in the first year! All participants retain their own policies, named insureds, insured conditions etc. The only change will be your renewal date and substantial savings.


Claims Handling

Conlon Company will manage your claims process in a way your managers have never experienced and will love. Your Managers will be completely out of the process and allowed to concentrate on their “real” work by simply filling out our very brief and simplified Claims Form. All claimants are given our business card right away and are told we handle claims, whether it is a customer slip and fall or worker related claim. No badgering of your mangers or your administrative staff by injured customers or employees. We fight litigious attorneys and with insurance company adjusters to keep claims to their lowest possible amount, thereby keeping premiums down.


Risk Management Fee

Restaurant Risk ManagementIn addition to a fee we'll be paid by the Broker who is selected, we have a daily fee of $3.80/ location. We will be the smallest expense on the monthly P&L report. However, this will just be a fee (not an expense), as we’ve never failed to return several times our fees or more to group members through premium savings.