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Hotel & Condomininum Risk ManagementHurricane Contingent Loss of Income Program

This Program was developed by identifying the need for providing insurance during hurricane events for businesses (such as those in the Hospitality Industry) who suffer no property damage, but have their income severely impacted due to loss of customers.Learn More




Private Equity Venture CapitalPrivate Equity & Venture Capital Groups Program

This program guarantees each of your Holdings a substantial reduction in insurance costs. We market all exposures currently provided at one time to the insurance marketplace. Using this law of large numbers gives you an immediate savings and a much larger return upon divesture.Learn More




Publicly Traded Company CunsultingLarge & Publicly Traded Company Consulting

We provide another set of eyes to help you assess your risk relief program. Our 40 years of experience includes private Risk Management services; underwriting and claims management for Fortune 500 companies; marketing to the insurance marketplace as a retail broker; determining proper options for insurance and its limits; assessment of self insurance options.Learn More




Restaurant Risk ManagementRestaurant Risk Management Program

This is a program designed specifically for restaurant groups with multiple locations who join with other restaurant groups to gain the benefit of marketing all groups as “one”, on a common policy renewal date for significant premium reductions. In addition, our strict oversight of the claims process on a daily basis relieves restaurant staff of this arduous task and helps insure proper payment of all claims including guidance and assistance through the employee injury process. Our grouping concept has been highly successful. Our RRMP I grouping totaled 88 locations for 6 restaurant groups and in the first year reduced premiums an average of 18.5%. Our fees were returned no less that 3 times over. However, of additional value to these clients was our daily overview of the entire insurance processing issue. Our service includes strict, careful review of all policies and terms, marketing of renewal terms to exceptional, regional agents, spreadsheet format presentation of marketing results to management, and subsequent smooth transition to a new insurance company and/or agent should that happen. Relieve your staff of insurance issue burdens an let them concentrate on what they do best! Learn More




Corporate Risk ManagementCorporate Risk Management Services

We provide a “part time” Risk Manager for all industries including, but not limited to: manufacturers; property development, ownership and management; service industries; etc. If you’re a little uneasy about how your insurance, safety, and claims management issues are handled internally, this is the program for you. It brings professionalism from our 40 years of insurance knowledge providing premium reductions and total services.Learn More




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